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This cheap wow gold guide and video walkthrough will cover the Advanced Military Career arc mission, Angel of Mercy in the video game MMO, Eve Online. Within you will find information on completing the mission objectives along with rewards and any other relevant details. This is the second in a chain of ten missions."Fly the frigate your agent gave you into the pirate base, Once the explosive charges inside have been set off, your assignment will be complete."OverviewWith your introductory back into the principles of basic combat out of the way, the second mission in the Advanced Military career arc will introduce you to an important and inevitable experience in Eve Online, losing your ship. For this purpose, you will be granted a frigate with which you are to take into the mission encounter and fly it into an enemy space station, destroying the station and your ship intentionally. Before you undock for this mission, a few tips to keep in mind. You need to fly the ship your agent gave you for this mission, however it does not need to be the exact copy. For example, you are granted a Condor in the Caldari version, however you can fly any Condor you have in your possession as there is nothing special about the hull given to you. Also, since you are guaranteed to have your ship destroyed, you should make sure to get Platinum Insurance which grants the biggest Isk payout in the event of the loss of your ship and make absolutely sure you have no modules fitted or items in your cargo. Once you are set, fly out to the mission encounter and through the acceleration gate that takes you to the target room. Inside you will find a Starbase Control Tower guarded by a trio of enemy ships. Select the station and hit approach, ignoring the enemy ships. Once you get close to the base, about 1km or so, it will trigger the destruction of your ship, along with the Starbase which subsequently destroys the pirate ships in the blast. You will also get the insurance payout immediatel
Listing ID: 244

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